Cutting fringe bangs. .

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Cutting fringe bangs

Bangs are great for people who want to open a face, draw attention to features, or make a statement. Stay focused and you'll become a fringe pro in no time. For the Nervous Nellies of the world, though, check out this step-by-step video before starting, just to ease your anxious heart. Styling bangs takes practice, and you'll want your clients to be equipped to duplicate the look long after they leave your salon. Yes, it's totally possible. Missy Pink Pistachio Okay, lets do this! Remember our clients are our advertisement. The middle section will be the bulk of the bangs and two outer sections will be cut to frame the face. Choose your elevation accordingly. Which is why you want to cut your first layer at about nose-length, and see how your hair reacts before going any shorter. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. You can comb fringe straight down for a sleeker look, or pinch pieces and separate for a more fun, playful look! Cutting fringe bangs

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Cutting fringe bangs

Cutting fringe bangs

Cutting fringe bangs

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  1. Styling bangs takes practice, and you'll want your clients to be equipped to duplicate the look long after they leave your salon.

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