Inspirational movies like pursuit of happyness. 19 of the most inspiring movies of all time.

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These movies will change your life - Must watch inspirational movies ever

Inspirational movies like pursuit of happyness

This film is a real masterpiece!!! Jerry Maguire Inspirational Message: Great weekend film to watch with friends. This choice drastically turns his life around and make him realize how much he was missing out! But with great power comes great responsibility… I loved this movie because it made me wonder what we are capable of if we actually try to pursue the things we want in life. We often claim that our limitations are caused by a lack of resources but I like to believe otherwise. He goes from challenges to challenges!!! Bruce Nolan Jim Carrey is a notorious complainer who blames his bad luck on outside circumstances. Very inspiring: Would you fight for something you believe? The Great Debaters Inspirational Message: This stranger shows him how little he truly knows about living. Pursuit of Happiness Inspirational Message: Talent could open doors of opportunity. One day a scout watch him play and offer him an opportunity to tryout with powerhouse British team Newcastle United. Bruce Almighty Bruce Almighty is a fun yet inspiring film with a meaningful message. The true story of Jim Braddock a boxer and a hard working man who achieved his greatest success against the most daunting odds of his life. Inspirational movies like pursuit of happyness

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Inspirational movies like pursuit of happyness

Inspirational movies like pursuit of happyness

Inspirational movies like pursuit of happyness

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  1. If not, what are you going to do to change this outcome? It contains some essential lessons everyone needs to know before they start chasing any goal.

  2. What do you do when you have eternity to live? The Bucket List Inspirational Message: Kudos to Adam Sandler too for his acting.

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