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Dissecting Sex Games on Newgrounds

Newgrounds adult section

Sex Particularly in the Adult Features section for which users are supposed to be 18 to view, but need only click a button to access there are a lot of sexually explicit images and raunchy humor. Some people would say it should be easier to find, some would say even harder than it already is. Online store for promotional products like T-shirts. Drawing the line clear enough that no one trips over and into a section of the website they're not ready for keeps your website from being liable, but keeping the content accessible in some way, I guess keeps you progressive? Violence Some of the most popular Flash content submitted by members contains gun and other weapon violence and glorification of war, terrorism, and general social meltdown. User communication and behavior[ edit ] The site includes a Community portal, where users are able to communicate with others through various Internet forums. Extremely weird to think about that, like, everyone views adult material for slightly different personal gratifications, and makes them and designs them for different reasons as well, based on what they have seen. The homepage of Newgrounds includes featured submissions from each category, as well online awards and honors to users whose submission that fall under the site's requirements to earn it. In , new servers and video-encoding-software were unveiled, along with developments for the site to be ad-free, and improve page performance. Platform mobile game Geometry Dash developed by RobTop Games allowed songs from Newgrounds to be used in levels made with the level editor with the release of its 1. Obviously you can't drive yourself mad wondering if all things with good intentions make bad results, or some crazy snowball butterfly effect world of pain, it would just be ridiculous, but I do see how people feel that way from over-thinking, especially after mulling this shit over. Newgrounds adult section

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Newgrounds adult section

Newgrounds adult section

Newgrounds adult section

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  1. Sex Particularly in the Adult Features section for which users are supposed to be 18 to view, but need only click a button to access there are a lot of sexually explicit images and raunchy humor. I think maybe the communication and understanding between kids and their parents plays a role in this, but some people will never be able to understand and communicate with each other,and offer enough space while at the same time feel like they're doing the right thing and being protective enough.

  2. Really I guess it's pointless to mull over all the details of why someone might be more 'offended' or concerned is the right word i guess, over what their kid found online if they find it. Stay up to date on new reviews. A similar issue of copyrighted concurred in , when the site began receiving complaints that old content and files contained unlicensed commercial music and images, resulting in several submissions being removed by moderators and staff.

  3. Actually, I found hentai on newgrounds I think at first, because I couldn't figure out how to like find, actual porn as a ten year old. Response to Wheres the adult section

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