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Female orgasm fetish

Permanent Orgasm Denial is a great reward which I should seek and hope to experience. Slaves have no automatic entitlement to pleasure. Realizing that I cannot and should not have everything I want is good for my humility. Denial prevents mood swings caused by fluctuating sexual arousal and the highs and lows of orgasms. Being very aroused makes me more eager for and responsive to sex. Denial makes me more willing and able to quickly get up and continue serving after being used sexually. Denial gives me freedom from my own sexual dictates. Sexual frustration makes me emotionally happier and more subservient. Orgasms not resulting directly from insemination are unnatural and require correction. Altruism Better in Bed Denial helps me focus on the pleasure of the Dominant instead of my own physical sensations. Denial makes my pussy tighter, giving more pleasure to my Owner. So here are my reasons for denial rights: Better at Taking Pain Submissive Mindstate Denial makes me more willing to try things that may not be pleasurable or desirable for me. Female orgasm fetish

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Female orgasm fetish

Female orgasm fetish

Female orgasm fetish

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  1. The Pleasures of Denial Serving anally and orally will help me focus on the pleasure of those who are using me.

  2. Denial causes physical arousal and lubrication prior to sex and is, therefore, natural and to be encouraged for women.

  3. Altruism Female sexual arousal is necessary to ensure breeding, unlike female orgasms. My orgasm serves no biological purpose.

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