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Bound hot scene

From the moment he saw her, he knew that she would be his. Tilly doesn't have great range, but she can do this kind of role in her sleep. I am bound to duty. A promise to the blood line I am born from. The Wachowskis, along with cinematographer Bill Pope, have crafted a number of artistically superior shots. There was really good character development. Now I have a choice tomake. This book was intense! We're never sure who's on the level and who's lying. Ceasar Joe Pantoliano is a money launderer for the mob sometimes in a very literal fashion -- watch how he cleans up a sack of bloody bills. If this film was less adeptly-made, it might go down as a "guilty pleasure", but, considering the amount of skill and intelligence invested in the production, there's nothing remotely shameful about this particular indulgence. Perhaps the most intriguing departure from the norm is the use of a pair of lesbians as the main characters. Actor Joe Pantoliano The Fugitive plays Ceasar as a normally-cool man driven over the edge when he loses control of circumstances. With her high-pitched, breathy voice and low-cut necklines, she's perfect as Violet, Bound's femme fatale. Great job Dani! It is very hot, captivating and gripping!! Bound hot scene

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Bound hot scene

Bound hot scene

Bound hot scene

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  1. I think the story flowed very well. I haven't yet read the previous book so for me this was a standalone book.

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