How to hit a girl g spot. Hitting the G-spot.

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Where Is The G Spot And Why Most Guys Don't Hit It

How to hit a girl g spot

What Is The G-Spot? My boyfriend would also want me to tell you that he's the one who came up with this genius move, not me. What Real Women Say "Be gentle, don't put pressure on her, and when you do find it, don't get all finger happy," says Stephanie, For guys who are trying to help a girl find her G-spot if she hasn't found it herself, I think you need to not make it the mission, but stay aware of where you think it might be located — and try to find it when she's already turned on. This position is all about finding the angle that works for your bodies. And while changing speeds can help get her to a place to finish, the speed and motion has to be pretty constant to get the job done. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? Unfortunately, women who have tried but still been unable to find their G-spot may eventually give up altogether. This position hits all the right angles, and it can work wonders when it comes to making her squirt and scream with pleasure. You can also experiment with the depth of thrusting. Spend some extra time on foreplay, and really get to know what she likes and dislikes. Or you can kneel on the bed and have your partner stand behind you. As you begin to explore your body , do what feels best to you. Or you can have one leg on his shoulder and resting your other foot flat on the bed. I thought I might have hit it, I didn't think it should be painful. How to hit a girl g spot

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How to hit a girl g spot

How to hit a girl g spot

How to hit a girl g spot

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  1. Your guy should sit up and enter you so he's thrusting at a slightly upward angle, which gives his penis access to your upper vaginal wall. I think one big thing that was different this time was that there was a ton of foreplay involved, so I was totally relaxed and not tensed up the way that I had been during my other unsuccessful attempts at finding this spot. You Might Also Dig:

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