Cook county inmate visitation application. Get the cook county inmate visitation application form.

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Cook county inmate visitation application

However, understand that inmates may be ineligible for certain programs and there is often a wait list to join the most popular sessions. However, visiting cherished ones who are unfortunately jailed provides both you and the inmate with precious, necessary human interaction. Monday-Friday, If you are on parole you may not visit without approval of your prison warden and approval of the jail superintendant. Before making a visit, please confirm with the Jail that your loved one has also requested a visit, and that visitation has been approved. Where your loved one is located you should prepare to pass through a strict security check point complete metal detectors and armed deputies. Minors shall be supervised and under the direct supervision of the accompanying adult s at all times. During your visit you should always strive to maintain a civil and controlled manner. Visitor Applications may be obtained and submitted at the following locations: Contraband items include, but are not limited to, the following: Unless you have this approval you will be denied the right to visit. No items will be released from property unless they have absolutely no relation to a pending charge or investigation and they are critical to daily life. If you are a known member of a gang, you may have problem visiting, but I am not sure. The inmate has a protective order placed on the individual requesting visitation. Cook county inmate visitation application

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Cook county inmate visitation application

Cook county inmate visitation application

Cook county inmate visitation application

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  1. Also, you may personally deposit inmate funds 24 hours a day at the automated kiosk found in the cook county corrections lobby located at S. The following types of clothing are prohibited:

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